The TRX Suspension Trainer offers a unique body weight training experience that differs from traditional weight training methods. The TRX Suspension Trainer leverage gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. The TRX system is designed for people of all ages and athletic abilities, as it allows you to adjust your body position to increase or decrease the resistance of the exercise.

The TRX system is an excellent tool in the rehabilitation field, allowing clients to build strength, improve their mobility and improve their balance. You can use the TRX to challenge yourself further and transition to sport-specific exercises by incorporating dynamic whole body movements and plyometric exercises.

Here are a few key reasons why your physiotherapist will encourage you to give TRX a try:

1. It is adaptable to all levels of fitness. It can be used to assist in basic functional movements such as a squat or lunge, but exercises can also be progressed to something that challenges the body more dynamically. Just wait until you try a single leg TRX burpee or some single arm rollouts for a core challenge.

2. Unlike traditional machine based exercises, the TRX system allows you to move in all movement planes. It can also function to allow you to work on controlling movements in those planes i.e. stabilization exercises. You can utilize the TRX to work on engaging the muscles for spinal support, while strengthening or mobilizing the entire body.

3. The TRX also provides a sense of support when it is needed, and then it can be taken away when no longer needed. For example when first learning how to perform a lunge, the TRX can be used to assist you with your balance by allowing you to use your hands to hang onto something. This is great for people learning to regain their balance post ankle sprain or ACL repair.

4. The TRX offers creative ways to challenge functional movement patterns such as a squat, push, pull, and rotation. The TRX allows you to try these basic movement patterns in different ways, some more challenging than others.

5. The TRX allows you to isolate certain muscle groups individually or engage the entire body at one time. If done correctly, every TRX work out is a core workout.

So whether you are rehabbing a new injury, working on balance or training to get back to a specific sport the TRX is an excellent tool to help you achieve your goals. Come give it a try with your physiotherapist.